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Security and Compliance

Business interactive mobile messaging platforms with external and internal policies and regulations for security, compliance and privacy.

Omni-Channel with Interactive messaging

Communication tools to improve interaction and engagement with customers and employees and to reach them through simple, highly engaging and interactive features on their preferred channels.

Low-code System Integration & Automation

A suite of programmable integration tools for businesses to automate processes to enable and leverage the reach of mobile messaging.

Analytics & Reports

Get real time analytics, check volume, cost and destination summaries. Measure quality of delivery & performance and maximise customer visibility.

Analytics & Controls

Permission & consent control provides the opportunity to create mobile message delivery for more consumer-facing services.

Why Telstra Integrated Messaging?

Global Cross-Carrier Distribution

Uniquely detects any offline users and send SMS - globally.

Integrated A2P Security Options

Robust capabilities for integrated and secure IP, SMS, MMS, voice and location-based encrypted messaging.

Hierarchy & Data Views

Create different views for administrator, regional or organizational managers, and users.

Dynamic Contacts & Distribution

Create contacts, groups, and lists that reside in the cloud-based system and become available via APIs or mobile clients.

Flexible Integration APIs

Integrate secure and encrypted mobile messaging features with existing IT systems.

Robust User Management

Offers role-based user management.

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